If you are on holiday in Maui and looking for a great shopping experience, or you would like to buy native artifacts and mementos that you will carry as souvenirs. Here are some of the great places you can visit to do shopping on the island:

● Shopping Centers
Maui shopping centers have a wide dynamic range. They offer an array of products from designer stores to hand made island products. You can find both local products and even the very expensive designer products that are sold worldwide. You can visit the whalers village in Kaanapali or the shops at Wailea to have an experience of Maui’s shopping experience.

● Small Towns
The small towns in Maui offer a great shopping excursion. They offer small and compact choices for shopping as you can finish your shopping in one or two streets. The small towns mainly concentrated on selling local products. They have small boutique shops coupled with small restaurants that offer yummy cuisines. If you are looking to get souvenirs, these towns have you covered, the locals build handmade products that are appealing and at the same time unique.

● Visit Costco
Here in Maui, Costco stands as its own shopping category. Everyone, including locals and tourists frequent the supermarket for their general shopping. If you happen to be a member, then carry your Costco card and you will be doing business as usual even in Maui. Costco has basically everything under one roof and their prices are unmatched. It has very affordable prices on goods that are locally made and produced such as coffee, macadamia nuts, and beach equipment.

When in Maui, there’s no end to what you can buy, the island offers the best of both worlds. Be it modern items or traditional handcrafted products. There’s no hassle to getting what you require in Maui.